About Us

Together we can create a world where every person has access to power, opportunity, and resources, thereby creating a just community and liberation for all.

The Nonprofit Assistance Center supports community organizations and funders to be strong partners in movements for social justice through coaching, peer learning, and collaboration.

NAC’s purpose is to provide culturally-diverse, capacity-building services that improve the lives and conditions of individuals and families in the communities we serve and also builds the capacity of our institutional partners to be more knowledgeable and responsive to communities.

We offer training, technical assistance and community-building services to expand knowledge, build cultural competency, improve operations and broaden community impact.

Who We Serve

Group sitting in classroom

The Nonprofit Assistance Center (NAC) targets our services to communities that historically have had least access to resources, services and opportunities. This includes communities of color and refugee, immigrant, low income and other communities that are impacted by institutional racism, marginalized and burdened by significant economic, educational, health, and social disparities. NAC supports and fosters the development of small and midsize nonprofits and fosters the professional growth of organizational and community leaders. NAC also works with the broader nonprofit sector as well as public and private institutions to deepen their knowledge, improve their cultural competency, change their approaches and strengthen their relationships with communities.

Where We Serve

NAC’s services are provided to targeted communities located in the Puget Sound Region and institutional partners (i.e., services providers, public agencies and funders) with a stake in transforming these communities. Our clientele are primarily located in Seattle/King County, but NAC also works with client organizations and communities across the state.

How We Serve

When working with communities, NAC provides culturally and linguistically diverse services in customized, one-on-one and group formats. When working with institutional partners, NAC co-designs services with them so that our training and capacity-building activities are customized to meet their needs and achieve the desired outcomes. Our services are grounded in NAC’s values and working principles that are client-focused, culturally responsive and designed to meet constituents where they are. The Principles that guide our work are:

  1. Working from the community by listening and learning
  2. Working with the community by co-designing the work strategies
  3. Working in the community to facilitate action and broader learning
  4. Working for the community to bring about transformation