Our Identity & History

Corner Stone Values

We value:

  1. Social justice and equality for all
  2. Cultural competency in our work
  3. Excellence and fulfillment of our promise to the community
  4. Relationships based on mutual trust and respect
  5. Community assets and indigenous wisdom
  6. Collaboration and networking with community partners

Capacity-Building Approach

1. Culturally-Diverse Services

NAC provides culturally diverse services by recognizing, respecting and embracing the languages, practices, norms and traditions of the diverse communities that we serve.

2. Community Trust

NAC has a trusting relationship with the communities it serves.

3. Community and Civic Engagement

NAC creates spaces for people to come together to develop a common agenda and work together for community change.

4. Approach

NAC utilizes a capacity building strategy for organizational development and community transformation, which is one of the most cutting edge and effective practices in the field.

Our History

The Nonprofit Assistance Center is a capacity-building and technical assistance organization working for community empowerment for social justice and equity. NAC was established in 1999 based on the findings of a community needs assessment that was conducted in 1998.

The assessment identified the need for culturally-competent, technical assistance for communities of color (COC) and low-income, refugee, immigrant and other communities that have historically faced oppression, discrimination and lack of access. In 2000, NAC implemented services to address the unmet needs for culturally competent technical assistance in these communities.

Since that time, through our menu of comprehensive services, we have provided capacity-building technical assistance to more than 10,000 individuals and organizations in the Puget Sound region.