Morgan Wells

Program Manager

Morgan, green park background

Morgan is a proud social worker by training, and she brings both a relational focus and a systems perspective to her work at NAC as a capacity-building coach. She joined NAC after seeing two friends, women of color running grassroots nonprofits, outperforming well-resourced peers but not being recognized or paid equitably for this work. While the community desperately needs their leadership, their impact is diminished by institutional and systemic barriers. This fuels her every day to fight to elevate leaders like them, because she believes only they can deliver on the outcomes our communities need.

While Morgan worked for 13 years in nonprofits, her work is not about sharing expertise. Instead she tries every day to honor the wisdom and lived experience of community leaders, which requires actively de-centering her own whiteness and unlearning many things taught by white-led mainstream organizations. While this takes persistence, it is simple with humility, deep listening, and taking time to build authentic relationships. She is honored to be on this journey with the greatest team of colleagues on the planet, and inspired every day by the leaders NAC is privileged to work alongside.

A mentor and colleague in Skyway shared this African proverb, which has stuck with her: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” She seeks the collective good, and has stepped out of a path to leadership to join the NAC movement, in the belief that is it time for others to rise.

Contact Morgan at or 206-324-5850 x 302 (email preferred).