NAC-Wayfind Merger FAQs

Nonprofit Assistance Center (NAC) and Wayfind are joining forces to provide integrated services under one roof. We have created this FAQ to help answer any potential questions.

Why are NAC and Wayfind joining forces?
The need to build power in communities impacted by systemic oppression is greater than ever. For years NAC and Wayfind have held a deep partnership, referring services to each other and working side by side (literally in the same office space!). With our complementary specialties in legal services and organizational development, we have both worked alongside community organizations in communities of color and other oppressed communities as more than recipients of service, but as leaders of a collective movement. By joining forces, we are creating a streamlined system for the nonprofits, funders, and microenterprises with whom we partner and provide services.

Why now?
Both NAC and Wayfind decided mutually that 2019 is the right time. NAC’s former Executive Director Sarah Tran stepped down last October after four years leading the organization. With years of successful partnership, including sharing offices, and Sarah stepping down, the boards decided it was a good time to explore a merger. After an 8 month-long merger exploration process, the NAC and Wayfind boards determined that a new merged organization will benefit the community and that we can be more effective together than we can as two separate organizations.

Will services change?
The high quality of services that you have come to expect from each of our organizations will remain the same. By combining our services under one roof the work of each of our organizations will be strengthened because we will be able to streamline requests for services in one place, create greater efficiencies in how we operate, and provide greater access to networks for everyone.

How will this affect staff and programs at NAC and Wayfind?
The services of NAC and Wayfind will continue! As we work on integrating our internal systems and embark on our strategic planning and rebranding process, all current programs of NAC and Wayfind will continue and all staff will continue doing their great work fulfilling their commitment to community. Jodi Nishioka is now the Executive Director for both organizations. The vision is to expand on our current services. There is no intention to contract or lessen our current services in any way.

Will there be a new name?
Yes! NAC and Wayfind are embarking on a strategic planning and rebranding process, which will ultimately result in one new name and website for the merged organization. Until we have a new name, our programming will continue under our separate names and websites.

What will happen to my recurring donation?
Nothing! Unless you would like to change your donation, no action is needed on your part. All currently scheduled donations will be processed as expected. However, NAC’s tax id number has changed, so please note that your recurring donations will appear as “WAYFIND” on your bank statements until we finalize our new name. Please email if you would like to make any changes before your next scheduled donation.

How do I make a new donation to the new merged organization?
You can make a donation to through the donate page of our website or by sending a check made out to “Wayfind.” The donation will go to the new merged organization. Note that our tax id# has changed and is: 32-0098070. All donations will show up as “WAYFIND” on your bank statements until we finalize our new name.

When will this change take place?
We will roll out our integrated services over the next several months, culminating with a new name for the merged organization by late summer. Until we have a new name, our programming will continue under our separate names and websites, so you will not experience any immediate changes to how you interact with us. As we roll out changes including new and improved services or have other pertinent information we will be notifying each stakeholder directly with ample notice as we update our processes. Again, our goal is to make this as seamless as possible, with the least amount of effort on your part.

Who is the new Executive Director of the merged organization?
Jodi Nishioka, former Executive Director of Wayfind, is the Executive Director of the new merged organization.

Have additional questions?
Please email Jodi Nishioka, Executive Director, at