Participating in NAC for the past two cycles has been a game changer for our organization. We are a small, community-based, youth centered organization that engages low-income youth of color – especially girls – in South Seattle in intensive social justice work and community building through the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. With NAC’s support we have strengthened our organizational infrastructure, increased our fundraising income, grown our donor-base, and reached the major milestone of hiring our first employees. Everyone wants organizations to build capacity, but NAC is actually putting in the work to help get people there. And it is work. It’s hard. The resources and knowledge we’ve gained through the cohort, through coaching, through technical support, and through NAC’s trainings – have truly been invaluable. While we want other organizations to have the opportunity to benefit from the cohort program if there’s a way to participate in the cohort again we would love to. NAC for life!

― Sam Terry, AGE UP